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The New European University (Université Nouvelle Européenne, U.N.E.) was founded in 2008. The university head office is situated in Brussels, Belgium, the university campus in Kerkrade, Abbey Rolduc, Netherlands. The Abbey complex has 16 conference rooms with capacities ranging from 10-450 persons.

The university is constituted as an internationally functioning educational institution developing and supporting a multicultural and multinational network consisting of different accredited institutions in various European countries.

All courses of studies leading to Bachelor or Master´s degrees are based on the ETCS system and the Bologna Process.

Lectures , seminars and other courses are held in several languages, currently in English, French, German and Dutch. Thus, in cooperation with accredited foreign institutions, some parts of courses can be passed in the respective student´s native country, and other parts, including exams, will take place in the University itself.

In 2008 I was appointed as an University Professor (Professeur d´Université) and Honorary Dean (Doyen honoraire) of the Faculty I (Human Sciences), leading the research in prevention and rehabilitation medicine. In a process of further develeopment the University of Northwest Europe was founded at Kerkrade, Netherlands. There, I am engaged as Research Chair for Health Sciences & Integrative Medicine, Department of Health Integration.

Further information is given by the homepage of the University of Northewst Europe and


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                                                         Abbey Rolduc, Kerkrade, NL

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[Calculation of Cardiovascular Risk]
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[Efficiency in Rehabilitation]
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[Curriculum vitae]
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