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University of Oradea

In May 1990 a decree of the Romanian Government established the Technical University of Oradea, later called the University of Oradea. Today, the University of Oradea is an integrated institution of higher education, comprising 18 faculties and 5 colleges with a total of 106 sections accredited and authorized by the government. The University of Oradea is one of the most modern and greatest universties of Romania.

At the present, about 35.000 students are enrolled in short-term and long-term education, day and evening courses, intramural, extramural and distance education. Other forms of attendance are provided in postgraduate and doctoral programmes.

The University is a large campus university and benefits from appropriate material endowment in a permanent process of enlargement and modernisation, including 22 amphitheaters, 60 lecture and seminar rooms, over 150 labs only for student activities.

Inside the University of Oradea education and research activity is developing in the area of natural and physical sciences, as well as in the area of social and human sciences, covering the following: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Sciences of Life, Agricultural Sciences, Medical Sciences, Technological Sciences, Economical Sciences, Geography, History, Juridical Sciences and Law, Linguistics, Pedagogy, Political Sciences, Psychology, Letters and Arts, Sociology, Philosophy. The educational process is based on the curricula for long term studies, short term studies, postgraduate studies, master, doctoral studies and programs of continuous education and Distance Open Education.

On detail, the following faculties and Colleges are established:

The Faculty of Architecture and Constructions
The Faculty of Economics
The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
The Faculty of Energy Engineering
The Faculty of Environmental Protection
The Faculty of Fine Arts
The Faculty of History-Geography
The Faculty of Law and Jurisprudence
The Faculty of Letters
The Faculty of Management and Technological Engineering
The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy
The Faculty of Music
The Faculty of Orthodox Theology
The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
The Faculty of Political Sciences and Communication Sciences
The Faculty of Science
The Faculty of Social Humanistic Science
The Faculty of Textiles and Leatherworks
The Teacher Training Department (T.T.D.)
The German Institute of the University of Oradea - Ingolstadt
The International Centre for Euro-Regional Research (CICERO)
The International Consortium of Cybertechnological Universities
The International Geothermal Training Center (I.G.T.C.)
The International University Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IUIPS)
Research Center for Adult Education
UNESCO Chair in Information Technologies.

The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy was established in 1991. Six University Clinics for General Medicine exist with 2.987 beds, the University Polyclinic for Physiokineotheraphy and the Clinical Hospital of Medical Recuperation - Baile Felix with 345 beds and the Infant neuro-motor recovery in Baile 1Mai with 130 beds.

The curricula of medical studies are developed in cooperation with Boston Harvard University and some more american universities. Thus, studies of medicine can also be performed in English / American. The usual time needed for finishing medical studies is six years the same as in Germany. At the present, the number of medical students is about 3.000.

The International University Institute For Postgraduate Studies (IUIPS) was founded by decision of the Senate of the University in 1998 and approved by the Ministry of Education and Research. The mission of the Institute is to provide and coordinate off-campus, non-resident postgraduate programmes for self-directed adult learners by utilising a combination of innovative distance learning and communication methodologies. All international programmes are foreign language based and offered in English or other languages.

In postmedical fields and preventive health the IUIPS offers master specializations in Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Physiokinetotherapy, Chiropractics, Ergotherapy, Posturology, Thermal Medicine and Thalassotherapy,  Medical Anthropology and Paleopathology, Criminal Anthropology and Criminology, Psycho-Integrated Oncology.

All programmes have been authorized by the Department of Education and Research of the Republic of Romania.

Please visit the homepages of the University and the IUIPS for additional information:

University of Oradea, Faculty of Medicine


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