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In the nineties, fundamental advances in technology of video endoscopes were made, so that different opinions arose with regard to potential advantages and disadvantages of digital video endoscopes or conventional fiberoptics. In view of these controversies, several relevant technical and practical advantages of digital video techniques were systematically compiled and published in the journal “Deutsches Ärzteblatt”, targetted on esophagogastroduodenoscopies and colonoscopies.

On detail, the following aspects were discussed:

  - The flexibility of video endoscopes is mostly higher than in fiberoptics
  - The robustness of the endoscope´s shaft is higher in video endoscopes than in fiberoptics.
  - Artifacts causes by “dead broken fibers” cannot arise in video endoscopes.
  - The resolution of digital video-endoscopic images is higher than in fiberoptics (30-40.000 fibers versus about 500.000 pixel)
  - Especially in near field endoscopy video-endoscopic images show a fundamentally improved sharpness and resolution.
  - Colour purity and colour resolution can be optimized and completely standardized in digital video techniques (white balance).
  - Endoscopic photo-documentations can be printed out immediately when taken by digital techniques.
  - Ergonomics are fundamentally improved when video endoscopes are used.
  - Video-endoscopy allows a greater physician/patient distance - comfortable especially in colonoscopies.
  - Video-endoscopy is also advantageous in didactic respects (improved conditions for teaching).
  - The collaboration with assisting staff can be improved by an appropriate digital video-monotoring.

Bases on these arguments, video-endoscopes should be prefered when new purchasings are planned.

Life imaging of a digital viodeo-gastroscopy (larynx, gastric fundus, parts of duodenum),
quad screen view (scan from a digital video print)

Life imaging of a digital video-colonoscopy (caecum)

High resolution life imaging of a digital video laryngoscopy,
carried out by use of a digital video gastroscope


Piper, J.: Video-techniques in gastrointestinal endoscopy (in German)
Deutsches Aerzteblatt 95 / 23 B, 1192, Deutscher Aerzteverlag, 1998

Copyright: Joerg Piper, Bad Bertrich, Germany, 2010


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